Four Years of News on Pelvic and Hernia Mesh Problems

Jane Akre
August 1, 2015
Jane Akre

Jane Akre

Happy Birthday to Mesh News Desk. Four years old this past August began the journey. From 2,500 mesh injury cases then, there are now more than 83,019 pelvic mesh product liability actions filed in one court. Meanwhile, hernia and pelvic mesh problems continue to mount as does mesh litigation. To add to these staggering numbers, pelvic and hernia mesh is still used and even referred to by some as the “Gold Standard” despite the evidence that in some folks, it is a nightmare.

This is not just a U.S. problem as we export our mesh products globally and the number of pelvic mesh injured women rises to one hundred thousand lawsuits globally.

The pelvic mesh problems continue to rise but solutions are few. Settlements are paltry and clearly do not address the scope of the problem for today, much less into the future.

Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to use the SEARCH BAR on Page One upper Right Hand corner to enter your inquiry. See the About Us page to see how we work. Each individual topic (in light print) can be clicked to see a cascade of stories from the past.

When Mesh News Desk (aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk) began four years ago, multidistrict litigation (MDL) was about to be created. The MDL amassed all similar cases in one court to prepare them for trial – in this case federal court in Charleston, West Virginia before Judge Joseph Goodwin.

A lot has changed since then. There are now as of September, over 83,000 transvaginal mesh cases filed before Judge Goodwin who has a mountain of mesh mess before him. How to get through it is the challenge and no judge has ever had so many cases in one court. You will be hearing a lot about settlement efforts and the numbers. Women are told by their law firms to wait out a settlement. Unfortunately, those numbers do not approximate anywhere near what the mesh survivors have lost – their health, their jobs, their homes, their husbands, pain and suffering, future losses, lost time with children and families that can never be retrieved.

As a publisher, Mesh News Desk will do what it can to provide information to empower those injured. This is not intended to substitute for advice from your law firm (your editor is not a lawyer or a doctor) but there are far too many stories of law firms failing to communicate with their clients. Some women have never talked to their firms and have no idea if their case has been filed!

Mesh News Desk can help bridge that gap by publishing news releases that speak to many- on average 5,000 to 10,000 readers a day. Law firms might consider running a PR release here to reach a niche audience of readers. Sponsored content will be labeled as such. An advertiser-based business model keep this effort alive!

Increasingly this site has become about the reader and all submissions that have sources linked where applicable or express your opinion are welcome.

PayPal donations are much appreciated. See Page One. My co-editors appreciate it! And donated travel miles will help pay for upcoming trials which always yield much insider information on how mesh made it to market. Much of the information is shocking. How could you ignore the early signs that there would be problems?

MND co-editors

MND co-editors

Stay well everyone. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s carry on shall we?

~ Jane Akre, Editor

Mesh News Desk

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