Fishing for Clients

Jane Akre
December 15, 2012
WikiCommons, Scott Steiner

WikiCommons, Scott Steiner

December 15, 2012~ It's unfortunate.... women and men injured by mesh and medical devices receive will sorts of solicitations online. Some claim to be the Watchdog of America, on your side, and fighting for justice... Beware, many are legal referral services. Basically they take your email after you pour your heart out to them and forward your potential case onto a law firm and are then compensated.

I was just solicited by the latest new twist..a law firm said "Thank you for contacting us about your case...." Here is a form to fill out and here is what will happen next. Whoa! I'm not mesh injured and never contacted them about such a thing.

Clearly someone confused about the vast number of lawyers they contacted could be easily confused by this subtle solicitation.

See it here:

(*Editor's Note- This URL has been disabled)

You have to wonder just where is the line? How do people try and fool those who are injured and desperate for answers? As someone who spends a lot of time on the internet and have some familiarity with websites and law firms, I have a few suggestions:

1- Is there a name or author attached to the website or the story you are reading? Does the Watchdog tell you who they are with actual names (not crusaders for good) and why they started the website? Are they writers, journalists, lawyers? If they don't tell you who they are ~ run! They are not being transparent and upfront in my opinion.

2-If there is no author on an article, who wrote it? It is news or a solicitation, ie, sales pitch?

3-Is there no contact name and number other than an toll free number.... quacks like a client referral service.

I think it's a shame that injured people have to maneuver the landmines of solicitations out there. The internet has such potential to inform and share.

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