February Brings New Life in Mesh Litigation

Jane Akre
February 6, 2017


Hello February~

Those of you who are socked in with winter, I’m sorry. When it hits 60 degrees in Florida, we complain and get out our sweaters. But spring lies ahead and so does movement in this Mesh Mess.

Mesh News Desk (MND or MMDND) has been covering the issues surrounding pelvic and hernia mesh for five years now. If you are new to the issues surrounding the controversy, please visit the search bar or click on the topics. You will find a world of coverage. You may want to start with Resources and our Facebook page. For those of you who contribute, thank you for being so thoughtful. It keeps us going!

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Charleston, WV federal courthouse

Charleston, WV federal courthouse

There are now in excess of 100,000 lawsuits that have been filed in Charleston, West Virginia by women who've had complications with their transvaginal mesh used for pelvic organ prolapse or to treat incontinence. (100,731 as of Jan 31).

Judge Joseph Goodwin, overseeing the multidistrict litigation, reportedly wants it to be concluded and soon. He is sending cases back to state courts and will conduct trials with large numbers of plaintiffs at one time! Fasten your seat belt.

One would assume with those numbers, that now exceed the number of asbestos cases filed in the largest MDL ever, the media coverage would be heard. Some women would like to target various news outlets for multiple contacts which is a very good idea.

Since settlements have not been forthcoming from Johnson & Johnson/ Ethicon, let the trials begin again.

In February in Philadelphia, the Sullivan case against Boston Scientific will be heard, (Feb 27) then on March 6th, 25 or so women from West Virginia will have their day in court- all at the same time! The details on how that will work logistically have yet to be determined, however it did work with four plaintiffs in a Miami courtroom with Judge Goodwin and defendant Boston Scientific in 2015. Each woman was awarded several million dollars after being injured by the Pinnacle pelvic mesh.

There is a steady stream of cases planning to be litigated in Philadelphia Court of Common Please, most against J&J.

Many of you contact me unhappy with your law firm and the paltry settlement you have been offered. I always say if you have the most severe injuries such a pudendal nerve injuries, there are probably other law firms who will take your case. You must fire your first law firm first, and that's the quandary you will find yourself in. I always tell folks I'm not a lawyer or a doctor. Any law firm willing to take on these cases, it might be an excellent time to advertise on Mesh News Desk. There will be no shortage. Since November, the MDL has added 3,500 new cases!

So many hernia-injured folks contact me as well. I ask if they know their manufacturer. Most do not. You need your medical records to find out a) what type of mesh and b) who makes it. There are a few hernia mesh law firms willing to take your case, especially now if you have Physiomesh or C-Qur, but there may be others.

Polypropylene is the bottom line for both transvaginal mesh and hernia mesh. Some day we may determine that it is bio-incompatible in some bodies, for any use, but we are not there yet.

MND is NOT a legal referral service!

The longer mesh makers wait - the more evidence amasses that life-long compensation will be required for those impacted by polypropylene mesh. The autoimmune registry continues at UCLA, Please enter your autoimmune reactions to mesh here.



For those of you who asked, editorial assistant, Brewie, who was born with a compromised liver, finally lost his struggle on January 11 th. He was jaundiced and losing the fight. Poor little guy. We miss him.

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Jane Akre, Editor


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