Feb 2014 Spring is Right Around the Corner and so are Transvaginal Mesh Trials

Jane Akre
February 3, 2014

We can only hope that spring flowers will soon alert us that milder weather is right around the corner. But that's just a wish.

What we do know is that mesh trials are heating up around the country. Mesh News Desk will try to keep up with all of the goings on whether in federal court or various state courts. Please let me know if I miss one.

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2014 should be a very interesting year and a make or break situation for plaintiffs and defendants. Both sides are steaming ahead, both with victory as the goal, but for mesh-injured women and their devastated families, regaining their health would be the supreme prize.

That of course takes funding to find the right surgeon who is experienced in mesh removal if that is warranted. And that takes a courtroom victory. 2014 should be very telling in that regard so stay tuned please.

Jane and friends,  Crystal River, FL

Jane and friends,
Crystal River, FL

Your editor has recently been doing some thinking about plaintiffs and their cases which are in the public domain. Generally the rule of journalists is to err on the side of public disclosure but I've been thinking about that, especially after getting a reprimand from one woman who I have immense respect for. Just because we can name names doesn't mean we have to. So I think in the future, unless someone doesn't mind, such as for a Patient Profile, I will just use initials. No one's personal medical condition needs to go public if they don't desire publicity. I apologize for anyone who has been further traumatized by these transparencies. You are still able to look at transcripts with a Pacer account for those of you who are court watchers. Any feedback on this thinking would be greatly appreciated! ~ Stay well or keep trying to get there!! ~ Your editor, Jane Akre

As usual, the information contained here is not intended to substitute for any legal or medical advice you receive from professionals.

Donations are much appreciated to continue this coverage and most importantly from the industries who might benefit at the end of the day. Trial coverage is available through arrangements with editor Akre, janeakre@meshnewsdesk. Here is you easy button! http://tinyurl.com/mg922yo

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