Diane Would Like to Hear From Canadian Mesh Friends

Jane Akre
September 5, 2013
Prolene Mesh
  • Prolene Mesh
  • This message from Diane Fichter goes out to all Canadian woman whose lives have been impacted by mesh.~ ja.
  • "This is going out to all my MESH friends! If anyone from CANADA has had "out-of-country" surgery and OUR Health health care has covered your surgery, PLEASE CONTACT ME PM!!!! I have a lead on something and need to know if I can use your names??!!! Hopefully what I am pursuing will benefit ALL Canadian women!!! Thank you once again to a lovely mesh lady for all of your help!!! We CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS when we put our mind to it!!!! Today I challenge you to embrace the people in your lives, embrace who and where you are and embrace in the knowledge that you do not walk alone...Our collective voices will be heard...there is power in numbers.. People can reach me at: imallmeshedup@shaw.ca
  • Avis Favaro from CRV National News is the one handling the story but absolutely you can use my name and story! I want to wake up our Government and give us the help we need seen as they were the ones that allowed this to happen to begin with!!!
  • Thanks Jane!
  • Diane Fichter
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