Designer Vaginal Surgery: Snip, Stitch, Kerching!, The Guardian, October 14, 2011

Jane Akre
October 19, 2011

This story published in The Guardian really makes you wonder whether or not female genitalia is synonymous with pure cash. At a five-star golf resort outside Tucson Arizona, reporter Marie Myung- Ok Lee creates the picture of the one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures, improving female private parts. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says designer vagina surgery is big business fueled by women who believe their bodies need “vaginal rejuvenation” and the surgeons who are more than willing to accommodate. One is reminded of the Hippocratic Oath - “First do no harm”?

This is a lively but unsettling account of cadaver lab workshops, the ideal “Barbie” vagina, and the further commodification of the female pelvic anatomy.

“And it's clear at this conference that the bulk of participants are indeed not plastic surgeons but run-of-the-mill obstetricians and gynaecologists (UK spelling) who see this as their passport out of traditional practice.”

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