David Sawyer Taking his Message to YouTube

Jane Akre
August 31, 2012

“I’m not shutting up until they stop murdering women,” says David Sawyer.

Sawyer along with his wife Teresa have just formed the nonprofit group TVTNo.org to help women who are suffering financial losses due to the disabling injuries associated with transvaginal mesh.

Part of the group’s mission statement is to bring more attention to the issue, which has largely been ignored by mainstream media. So instead, the Sawyers are reaching out as best they can.

On August 30, David set up a Sony camera on a milk crate in his backyard and recorded his seven minute message for the world to hear.

“I’m tired of being ignored,” David tells MDND.

The Sawyers have been the subject of three media reports. The first one was on Toledo News Now (here).

That report was picked up by America Now, a national cable show. The Sawyers were also interviewed by their local newspaper.

The nonprofit is about to launch its fundraising campaign so that resources can be diverted to women who are in danger of losing their home due to the disability many experience following a mesh implant. Eventually, they would like to form a network of doctors who have an expertise in mesh complications and complete removals and help fund trips for those women who cannot afford to travel across the country to see those doctors.

At the present time, many women find they face a brick wall of denial when they return to their gynecologist who may have implanted the mesh to treat prolapse and incontinence.

“They’re told mesh is the 'Gold Standard' and that the complication rate is low. All of these things are not true,” he says in the video.

“There is nowhere to turn to get it out,” says David, reminding his audience that there is one doctor at UCLA who is having success in mesh removal.

“Four, Five, six years they go from doctor to doctor wondering why they are sick. They’re told to see a psychiatrist. It’s all denial; it’s all a big lie.”

“These women are losing their careers, their jobs, their husbands. Women can’t pick up their kids, their grand babies. All for a simple little product they were told was safe when it was put in them.”

Teresa has undergone numerous surgeries and is facing more to have her transvaginal mesh removed.

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TVT-No.org: http://tvtno.org

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