Christina's Go Fund Me Appeal

Jane Akre
January 1, 1970

i everyone!
Before I start to tell you what my friend has been going through, I want to tell you a little bit of her life before she became disabled by surgical trans-vaginal mesh. Before she was implanted in 2013, she was an amazing mother of two boys, an active mother. She enjoyed working and loved keeping fit with a healthy active life style. She loved to go on vacations with her family. She loved teaching and eating nutrition and helping her family to be as healthy as possible. WILL YOUR LAWYER ALLOW THIS? //WHAT KIND OF MESH?
Chrissy has many friends and enjoyed doing things with them, going out to dinner and so on, normal things we take for granted.
With the birth of her last son, who is now 6, she had a bladder prolapse which caused issues. This is when the Doctors suggested implanting her with the trans-vaginal mesh. She then asked the safety of this product and was told with assurance that it was safe.
Time would tell a different story. Shortly thereafter, her body started to reject this mesh. It starting causing infection after infection which led her to be bedridden in pain, unable to sit up or do anything. It took a year to find and convince a doctor willing to remove this mesh. Finally she did, and we all had hope. We all had hope that she would get her life back after so many years of suffering in excruciating pain.
She had the surgery and they removed the mesh but the the bacterial biofilm infection living in the mesh was released in my body during surgery.
We still had hope. Time went on and she was not getting any better, but worse. Shortly she began to get infection after infection again, with no drugs working. The type of illness she has is drug resistant. So she has been put on antibiotics cocktails over and over again to help stabilize her after she goes into shock. This has been consistent for the last year. Hospital visit after hospital visit, in between pain clinics and tests.
Her recent hospital visit has led her to more insanely strong drug cocktails to try and stabilize her. She now has a picc line or port in each arm to administer her drugs. Her veins have collapsed so she is waiting on her second picc line to go into her other arm. Last night her vein busted and the port popped out and the medicine came spilling out. This was in the middle of the
night where she taped her arm up for morning when the nurses would come.
In a short story it is hard to express how much Chrissy and her family have suffered. It goes beyond what words can say. She has lost nearly everything in life, unable to leave her home or her bed. She has lost precious time with family and is unable to raise her two boys how she wants to.
I have to add that she does an amazing job with her boys despite her illness. The thing about Chrissy is that she doesn't give up. Her boys know how loved they are and that she will not stop fighting for her life.
That is what leads us to this gofundme. In Canada there is nothing they can do for you except to continue to administer drugs to try and stabilize her every time she goes into shock. This isn't enough, she needs her life back. With a lot of research, she
has found a place in Europe that can give her this shot of life again, this is her only hope to regain what she once had.

Like many treatments done in other lands, it is very very expensive and help is needed to get these phage treatments to her, so this is where the money raised will go. With how many people love Chrissy so deeply, I feel very positive that we can do this for her and take off this burden from her family. Let's help her get her life back!

-Love Gisele

For more of her story please use this link for her facebook video she made




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