Case of Late Chrissy Brajcic Still Unresolved with J&J

Jane Akre
November 30, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, November 30, 2018~ It’s been one year since the death of 42-year-old Christina Lynn Brajcic of Windsor, Ontario. She had emerged as a leader of Canadian women suffering pelvic mesh complications.

Her message went international when Canadian television found her to tell her story.

Two months before she died, Chrissy appeared in a September CTV special on Mesh Misery (Here).

The mother of two young sons and wife to Tony, who always looked glamorous and put together, appeared pale and weak in her final Facebook appearances.

Chrissy, Nov 17 post

Chrissy the Fab, as she was known, talked about the relentless infections that would return despite treatment with antibiotics.

“Literally couldn’t move talk I was dying, I couldn’t breathe….How did this happen how do I go from infection to heart failure?”

“I’m fighting hard”

“I can’t wait to get back to my old self and get back to being an advocate. I don’t want this to happen to anybody.”

Her last picture appeared on Facebook November 27. She looked pale and weak but held her fist up. She expected two more weeks of antibiotics, “the really strong stuff.”

“But finally beat sepsis again and I’m ready to kick some butt again. This mesh madness has to stop. Thanks for all the love….”


Chrissy outpouring on FAcebook

Christina Brajcic filed her lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson Inc, Ethicon Inc and Gynecare Worldwide in Ontario Superior Court of Justice on April 29, 2015. Case No. CV-15-22181.

Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon division are facing more pelvic mesh defective product lawsuits than any of the six other manufacturers - 55,000 at one time. Many of those are now being resolved.

Chrissy had been implanted with the TVT Exact to treat incontinence. Even though she reportedly had it removed, her infections continued. Her lawyer will not reveal the final cause of death. The court says the Complaint has not been amended to include wrongful death.

Chrissy was on 15 drugs, including pain medication, and said she was experiencing right- sided heart weakness. She spent most of her time in bed with her two sons.

Canada conducts approximately 25,000 surgeries every year to treat stress urinary incontinence with 90% using pelvic mesh. 90% of hernia surgeries also use polypropylene mesh.

Mesh News Desk hopes her family has found some peace surrounding her passing and wishes her family well. ###


Mesh News Desk, December 6, 2017, Death of a Pelvic Mesh Fighter – “I Don’t Want This to Happen to Anybody”

MND, June 28, 2016, Canadian Coverage of Mesh Complications Continues

MND, September 20, 2017, Ethicon Responds to Canadian TV Investigation on Mesh

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