Cardenas v Boston Scientific - Jury Questions as They Deliberate

Jane Akre
August 29, 2014
Maria Cardenas, Monday August 18

Maria Cardenas, Monday August 18

The latest in the Cardenas case!

The case has gone to the jury, but it doesn't appear a verdict will come immediately. Maria Cardenas was implanted with a Boston Scientific Obtryx sling to treat incontinence. She claims she is permanently injured.

See Mesh News Desk trial coverage here.

On Thursday, August 28th, the jurors in Cardenas v. Boston Scientific posed two questions to the judge in a Middlesex Co. courtroom. They asked the definition of the terms- "detruser instability", and of the word "dehiscence" of a vaginal incision.

Judge told them they couldn't look up the words and she could not answer the question. They would have to decide for themselves based on the evidence in the case.

They can't look but we can.

According to a medical dictionary, dehiscence means the splitting opened the layers of a surgical wound see here.

For the definition of Detruser Instability see here.

"Detrusor instability is a urodynamic diagnosis of bladder overactivity defined by objectively demonstrable bladder contractions whilst the patient is trying to inhibit micturition...."

Jurors also requested an early recess Friday, August 29 at 1pm so they could return to deliberate Tuesday September 2.

Read More on the case in Lexis Nexis here.

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