Cardenas Trial v. Boston Scientific Omitted Material Safety Data

Jane Akre
September 14, 2014
Prolene Mesh 300

According to this article in Lawyers and Settlements, lawyers for Maria Cardenas (Cardenas v. Boston Scientific) were not allowed to introduce to the jury the Material Safety Data Sheet. The MSDS, you'll recall from other trials, is a breakdown of the raw material that comes from oil companies, Phillips or Sunoco, that goes into the raw resin material that eventually is spun into pelvic mesh.

See the Donna Cisson trial here:

Twice now the MSDS has been introduced into evidence and twice the jury has seen that the supplier adds a disclaimer that the resin is not to be made into implantable medical devices. That might make all the difference for a jury to see.

Here is the Lawyers and Settlements story:

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