Canadian Women Beg Govt. for Mesh Removals in California

Jane Akre
November 29, 2012

Three Saskatchewan women petition govt., CBC News

November 28, 2012 ~ Canadian women who feel they cannot have the transvaginal mesh that's ruining their health completely removed in their country today petitioned the government to pay for transvaginal mesh removal in California.

The women are from Saskatchewan and they appeared before the health minister to say that no Canadian doctor is willing to remove all of the synthetic mesh which is causing serious complications.

The urology clinic at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and specifically Dr. Shomo Raz, is considered the premier doctor for complete mesh removal in the world. UCLA offers a translabial ultrasound which can see the mesh that can not be seen with an MRI. That tool is generally not available elsewhere.

One of the women, Marika English, tells Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) “We are angry, we are sick and we are in pain.” She has book surgery in California next week at a cost of $30,000.

In response the Minister of Health said treatment is available in Canada. Many doctors in both the U. S. and Canada are reluctant to remove all of the mesh because they do not have a translabial ultrasound and they fear causing more complications.

Besides English, Ruth Olson and Stephanie Brad say they have experienced mesh erosion into the bladder, a damaged urethra, nerve damage, and an inability to sit without debilitating pain. The only removal in Canada the women are aware of is a partial removal offered by a doctor in British Columbia.

All three women say their doctors have referred them to UCLA.

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