Better Understanding the Female Body with Dr. Una Lee Offers Help to Pelvic Prolapse Patients

Jane Akre
August 25, 2015
New Day segment King-TV, Seattle July 22, 2015
New Day segment King-TV, Seattle July 22, 2015

Mesh News Desk, ~ King 5-TV in Seattle did a health segment in July on pelvic floor problems including prolapse and incontinence.  Featured was Dr. Una Lee of Virginia Mason Hospital, a urologist who trained under Dr. Shlomo Raz, a now retired urologist from UCLA.

"Better Understanding the Female Body with Dr. Lee"  was sponsored by Virginia Mason Hospital.

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Dr. Lee says she sees many patients who are uncomfortable about their pelvic area. She wrote a blog, "Five Things Worth Knowing About the Vagina," to help educate patients.

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Childbirth injury and aging can cause the pelvic organs to prolapse.

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The patient featured in this segment, Amy Cunningham, noticed discomfort when she stood. She was experiencing prolapse and had no idea what was going on. In her case, she tried a pessary and kegel exercises.  Dr. Lee performed a vaginal hysterectomy and repair of the prolapse using fascia. She tells the segment host, Margaret Larson, she believes in starting conservatively.

Dr Lee believes in the judicious use of synthetic mesh and uses it in rare circumstances. Instead, she prefers alternative therapies such as native tissue repair.

Virginia Mason does research in the area of pelvic floor disorders. For example, Cook Medical is working on a clinical trial currently using a patient's own cells removed from the thigh to grow cells to regenerate the urethra part of natural regenerative therapy.  There are 20 sites in the country and Dr. Lee is part of this trial.  Dr. Lee is a member of SUFU, AUGS.

Patient Amy Cunningham says she "feels great," and can play tennis and hike. Her recovery took 3 or 4 months to return to herself.  #


Dr. Una Lee, Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle

Dr. Lee on Facebook

Dr. Lee- Five Things Worth Knowing About the Vagina

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