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Jane Akre
August 1, 2013
Jane Akre

Jane Akre

Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk (MDND) where you can keep up with what is currently going on regarding transvaginal, incontinence and hernia mesh and the medical news and litigation surrounding it.

First and foremost if you are not aware - two years ago July the FDA issued a warning that transvaginal mesh is more risky then beneficial!! Most doctors do not relay that information to their patients before they implant mesh! Read about it here.

Be an informed consumer and patient! And be careful what you post. Assume that it can be read by anyone and everyone. There is no such thing as a private message, no matter what assurances you may receive. Stick to the facts, not accusations or speculation, unless your lawsuit is a medical malpractice one, it is out of line to blame the doctor, and never, never call anyone you believe is on the wrong side of things to give them your mind. It may count against your mission. The judge will hear and nothing good will come from that. This is common sense advice but always check with your attorney.

Prolene Mesh

Prolene Mesh

Mesh is a petroleum-based plastic and the readers and contributors to this site can attest that it has caused more havoc in their lives than any remedy. You can post any questions to our Facebook page and you will get many answers. Post a question here and you can do so anonymously. You will get a lot of responses.

If you are a person who feels mesh has made your life better, please share your experience as well. Your point-of-view is welcome!

I keep hearing from patients who are getting the runaround - the denial their symptoms are mesh-related ("I've never heard of that," and "You're the only one") from their healthcare professionals. That's usually the first step to a series of referrals to other specialists, largely with no answers, both compounding injury with insult and running up the cost of healthcare for us all.

Because of all the "adverse events," litigation is underway. Bellwether federal trials are currently underway in Charleston, West Virginia. Please stay at one of the friend of MDND, the Brass Pineapple B&B if you happen to visit Charleston. See those stories under Legal News category (here).

Aaron Leigh Horton

Aaron Leigh Horton

You can click on any category (the light grey) to reveal a host of stories. And be sure to use the search bar regularly to see what has been posted.

As always story suggestions, writers, contributors and advertisers are welcome. Viewership is good so please advertisers take advantage of this opportunity! Any copy here can be re-written into a press release or to use on your website.

Beginning September 1, MDND will become completely advertiser and reader supported! Your contributions are so appreciated. Thank you! For advertisers, special advertising rates will be available.

The very capable writer, Aaron Horton who wrote a heart-felt Feature Story (here) about her mesh-injured mother, is helping with Communications. Many family members found a friend in Aaron and have been inspired by her words and compassion. She provided much-needed support to those who are the support-givers. She will continue with her Mesh Warrior campaign and has designed an advertising brochure for MDND, which is very exciting. She can be reached at

Mesh Medical Device News Desk (MDND) would love to add the services of Jaye Lee, our volunteer medical illustrator. She is very talented, mesh-injured, in danger of losing her home and needs and deserves compensation. All contributions directed to her will go to her. Thank you!!

Your comments and suggests are always welcome.

Stay well and stay in touch.

Jane Akre

Editor, MDND,

Founder Independent News Group, Fresh Content and Multimedia in the Public Interest

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