Welcome August - A Hot Mesh Mess

Jane Akre
August 3, 2017

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 3, 2017 ~ Hello and Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, aka Mesh News Desk

It's hot in most parts of the country, especially in Florida where the MND campus is located, and there is a lot going on in Mesh World, unfortunately much of it is being done behind the scenes.

Settlements are being crafted and people call and ask if they can fire their lawyer! They are not what plaintiffs envisioned, with any capacity to fix them for now and the future. Not only does the lawyer take a portion, but insurance wants to be reimbursed, any liens, Medicare, etc. What's left is a pittance for most women.

Then there are the exceptions.

Some women have a law firm that communications with them and has provided some reasonable settlement. Keep in mind, none of these reflect on pain and suffering, future medical care, loss of job or consortium.

Dr. Robert Bendavid, Shouldice Hospital hernia surgeon

If you have had a mesh complications- speak out - others need to know that some percentage will not do well with polypropylene mesh! It is still used everyday by the medical community. Australia and the UK are raising their voices now and they are being heard.

There are alternatives to a mesh implant for hernia and prolapse and incontinence. Ask you doctor if you are a candidate. Travel to Shouldice Clinic in Toronto to get your hernia fixed. It will cost less than in the States with a much better outcome. Listen to the Ralph Nader interview with Dr. Bendavid of Shouldice here.

I apologize for not being able to answer your calls. There is too much to do and I'm not a lawyer or a doctor. Send me an email if you need a doctor referral, based on the recommendations from others, not my personal experience.

Jane and friends,
Crystal River, FL

Want to help the effort? I've added BeautyCounter product line to Mesh News Desk, here is my website. I use them and they are excellent, made in the US and without toxins, parabens, pthlates etc.

Ingredients Omitted in BeautyCounter Products

The FDA doesn't regulate skin care products for us or our kids. Here is a video on their mission, which means 1,500 questionable ingredients are omitted from their products!

Best News - The Environmental Working Group ranks them top notch in their Skin Deep review of consumer products! Not available in stores, only through person to person. I get a percentage of sales which helps keep MND percolating along.

Hoping this is a win-win!!!!.....I've got an idea to send a product to a woman in need with your help, so thank you in advance. More in a upcoming newsletter.

Thank you friends. Stay cool and stay strong.

Jane Akre,
Editor, Mesh Medical Device News Desk

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