Ask Questions, Seek Answers in Upcoming Mesh Webinar

Jane Akre
May 21, 2018

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, May 21, 2018 ~ On June 6th, the first Mesh Webinar will be conducted from 5 to 7 pm EST.

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Mesh litigation, polypropylene, multidistrict litigation, individual cases and settlement dollars, state court vs. MDL, what is a fair settlement? These are just some of the issues that you will find answered to in one place.

Dr. Robert Bendavid, Shouldice Hospital hernia surgeon

From the hernia mesh front - Dr. Robert Bendavid, MD is an expert hernia surgeon and researcher from the Shouldice Clinic. Dr. Bendavid has been a leader in non-mesh repair alternatives.

There is an alternative to mesh!

Joseph Saunders Esq. will discuss the MDL process and the difference between justice and efficiency.

Bruce Rosenberg, patient advocate

Joseph Fantini will discuss upcoming hernia mesh litigation and what to expect.

Patient advocate and hernia mesh-injured patient advocate Bruce Rosenberg will share the latest trends in injury among the hundreds of mesh implanted patients he hears from every week!

Jane Akre, federal courthouse, Charleston WV

Your editor, Jane Akre, plans to push for answers and to advance the concerns I hear from readers, concerns I've heard such as - When should I change lawyers? Can my law firm really drop me? Why does my case say I'm settled when I'm not? What happens when I"m remanded to state court? Why does my law firm not talk to me and what can I do about it?

Of course you can and should advocate for yourself by becoming an active participant in this Q and A session. Please register for the Webinar and plan the questions you want answered.

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