A Wish List for Doctors, Lawyers and Patients

Anonymous Woman
August 8, 2013

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, August 8, 2013 ~ A woman who prefers to remain anonymous has a list of questions to consider. Doctors are invited to weigh in on the medical questions. Lawyers ditto!

Question mark woman 1922 Library of Congress, Wiki Commons
Question mark woman 1922 Library of Congress, Wiki Commons

1.  If patients have existing malformations   of abdominal organs is it appropriate to surgically implant a mesh that may   become invasive and cause potentially more damaging problems for them?

2.  How does one know if they are dying? How   do you know if something is killing you...I am thinking of perhaps women who   live in more remote inaccessible regions and who may be suffering....how do   they know if this is killing them?  Are there symptoms or signs?    What are they?  Women are accustomed to bearing pain and often will do   that rather than going for help especially where money is an   issue...often thinking it will pass.  How can we reach them?

3.  It may be a good idea to make sure your TRUST documents are in order and up to date or even a simple will and durable power of attorney for that matter.  I am doing this now.  I have also advised the attorney working on my TRUST and the law firm working on my case of each others contact data, of my general wishes, etc.  If one dies before trial would an autopsy be appropriate to determine cause of death?  Does the client/patient need to state in writing that they want   to move forward with their case even if they have passed away from a mesh   caused death or death due to something else?

4.  Do victims understand the importance of selecting counsel very carefully, and inviting proposed agreements then deciding which one to accept?  Every lawyer is lining up to sign on to represent these cases now and when they lose it weakens the ability of others to prevail.  Also, do women understand what a fair contingency agreement is and what a rip off is?  A tutorial on this may be helpful for people to refer to.

5. Do the victims understand the settlement vs. trial realities?  Do they know what a class action suit really is and what it would mean for them personally? **Editor's Note: The cases in West Virginia are multidistrict litigation (MDL) which is the subject of some stories within MDND. Use the search function to find them.

6. I mentioned somewhere that it might be nice if there were (1) Support groups in towns and cities for victims so they could   get together every month or so and have some talk therapy, (2) It would be   nice if there were a network of victims/survivors who could pick up people   coming in for a hospital stay and perhaps even keep them overnight, or at   least maybe have dinner or something and provide some level of support while   the person is visiting what may be a strange city alone....could your website accommodate such a listing for people to refer to?  Maybe you could get a volunteer to manage it.

Editors Note** Facebook is a perfect place to do that and everyone is welcome to post such information.  TVT-NO may be involved in that effort as well.  

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