A Trip to See Dr. Raz at UCLA

Jane Akre
June 30, 2012

June 30, 2012 ~ A woman from Texas has just returned from a trip to UCLA to have an initial consultation with Dr. Raz, the surgeon who is helping so many from around the world with mesh complications. She writes:

"Please understand I am completely aware that women out there are relying on the information I provide, but also understand that I am like you. I am racked with the physical and emotional pain from a mesh implant. My blog reaches many, many women who need understanding, help and answers. Sometimes all they need is someone to believe that their symptoms are the cause of their physical breakdown. I do believe you. I do know the hell that this product has caused in your life. I have listened and read thousands of stories, so bad that you would believe I made them up because how could they be true? How could this wonderful country allow the mutilation of women’s bodies of a product that no testing was done except on us. If you think about it, how can they test mesh bladder slings? You cannot put a sling into a rat now can you? So we are their guinea pigs. We are the women of the world who are left to suffer and be ignored. So when you read this blog, understand that mine and almost all the other mesh blogs are written by women victims of bladder sling mesh. If they or I do not answer you immediately either by email or phone call, understand it is because we too are suffering just like you and have good and bad days.

"Now to my consultation visit with Dr Raz.

"If you are like me and have to make a decision to travel to see this doctor at UCLA, you will have a few hurdles to jump first. First there is the financial side of doing this whether or not you have insurance or Medicare like me. I just became eligible this past June 1supst/sup which is why I used my acquired knowledge by women who have gone through this ordeal and chose to go to Dr Raz. To fly and cover the other expenses I sold my older car to make it happen. Not a lot of money but a way for me to make the first two trips. I could no longer drive and although it was paid for, it still cost tax and insurance and sat in my driveway getting older. So it had to go. I am telling you there because I was raised in hard times and my mother would constantly say “Where there is a will, there is a way”, so first you must find your will and then find a way to get help."

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