Getting Rid of UTIs

Jane Akre
January 1, 1970


Hyophen, expensive but help bladder pain

Azo blue

Estrogen cream


Natural calm plus calcium

Prelief to reduce acid in foods

This is probably the number one thing you can do. Get rid of dairy, sugar, starchy foods, yeast, caffeine, carbonated drinks, brewed tea. High red meat diets can also promote bladder irritation. Eat plant based foods as much as possible.

Water consumption

Avoid acidic foods and drink

Avoid citrus fruits, orange juice particularly

You can order urine ph strips. Ideal urine is ph is 6.5-7.25. Slightly acidic urine can prevent uti, but extremes on either acid and alkaline can promote bacteria

Wipe front to back

Limit tub baths

Wear loose fitting clothes

Cotton underwear

Short heating pad use throughout the day

Cathed and cultured urine samples

Urinate regularly every three to four hours

Pelvic floor exercises

Constant bladder infections create tighter pelvic floor muscles which equal increased pain

Chronic UTI can cause constipation because of bracing. Increase fiber, magnesium, and exercise to be regular

Pain can also make you fold over, which shortens the pelvic floor muscles, which increases pain, then bladder gets neurogenic and you don't get the message you need to go, urine held in bladder promotes bacteria growth.

If you wear pads for urine leakage, don't use regular pads, they are not intended for long term use in that they don't wick away the urine, which can cause irritation. instead, use the pad specifically made for bladder issues. Do not use toilet paper folded up as well...irritates urethra.

Kegel exercises..these can cause pelvic pain. Reverse kegels are ok.

Emotional ways to manage pain..this can help relax pelvic muscles and make bladder less painful. Learning to focus on the breath throughout the day. Reverse kegel exercises, not regular kegels.

Just learning to be aware of body sensations can help. Mesh women naturally try to block out body signals because they are unpleasant

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