Please be aware if you need transportation to a doctor who specializes in treating injuries resulting from your medical device, Angel Flight may be there to help.

Angel Flight West  is a nonprofit organization that arranges air travel for those with serious medical conditions.  There are 1,400 pilots located in 13 western states who donate their time, airplane, piloting skill and all costs to the families in need.  Reach out to them at 888-426-2643.  Here is their website.

Listen to this message from USAir hero pilot “Sully”!

Hey pilots! What would you rather do: get a $100 hamburger or lend a helping hand? Thank you Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger for joining us at the #EndeavorAwards on Saturday and for supporting our cause! We're always looking for volunteers, both as pilots and as Earth Angeles. You can go to to learn more and get involved.#AngelFlightWest #AFW #HudsonMiracle #Hero #Aviation #nonprofit #CharitableAviation #AviationForGood #volunteer

Posted by Angel Flight West on Friday, May 12, 2017