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Medical Compensation – When A Caller Asks If You’ve Had a Bladder Sling

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

MND, July 27, 2015 ~ Sometimes one can actually find humor in this mesh mess.  Easy for me to say, I’m not injured. But let me share this with you – the ultimate irony. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my ears. Late last week I got a call from “Patrick.”  He had an Indian accent. [continue reading…]

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Rizzo – No Attorneys’ Fees But Pay $14k to Bard over Dismissed Case

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

The Good News  Linda Rizzo and her husband Ronald do not have to pay attorney’s fees to C.R. Bard after they dropped their transvaginal mesh lawsuit against the company. Judge Joseph R. Goodwin denied the move to recoup attorneys’ fees after the Rizzos dropped their case September 20th over her failed Avaulta pelvic mesh [continue reading…]

Bard Avaulta from website 200

C.R. Bard Wants $14k from Linda Rizzo Over Dismissed Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Mesh maker C.R. Bard, of Murray Hill, N.J., wants  to recoup its legal costs in preparing to defend itself in the recently dismissed Bard Avaulta Plus lawsuit filed by Linda and Ronald Rizzo. Rizzo dismissed the case without prejudice September 13 after experiencing some problems with an expert witness. The case was dismissed 25 [continue reading…]

Cherie Storozinski

Suffering in Silence: Thousands of Canadian Women and Cherie Storozinski

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

May 3, 2013~  “My name is Cherie Storozinski. I am 50 years old and live in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada. I am a victim of transvagnial mesh.” That’s how Cherie started her email to MDND. Cherie, 50, had a wonderful life in rural Manitoba, Canada. She and her husband, Curt, live on 20 acres and [continue reading…]

Surgeons at work, U.S. Army, Wikicommons

Doctor Disconnect?

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

April 9, 2013 ~  Doctors say their credo is to put patients first.  Why then do so many women talk about the conversations they have with their doctors after they start to feel their implanted mesh is causing complications and not providing a cure?   Across the board doctors say something like this:         “It’s [continue reading…]

Day 21: Linda Gross v. Ethicon Expert Says Prolift Did Not Injure Gross

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

February 11, 2013 ~  The trial of Linda Gross v. Ethicon started late in the day around noon on Day 21 of the proceedings.  Apparently legal arguments were taking place off camera and out of the ear of the jury. The case has now gone to Ethicon to refute the evidence presented so far. [continue reading…]

Day 18: Linda Gross v. Ethicon Surgeon Says Prolift Warnings Were Adequate

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

February 6, 2013 ~ On this Day 18 of the Linda Gross v. Ethicon trial, the defense team brought Dr. Miles Murphy, 42,  to the stand for a second day. His testimony actually started Tuesday afternoon when attorneys for Linda Gross concluded her case. Dr. Murphy is a urogynecologist practicing in Pennsylvania. He has [continue reading…]

ABC News on Mesh Class Action

Australia's Vaginal Mesh ~ Largest Class Action in History?

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

  October 15, 2012 ~ It could become the largest class action product liability lawsuit in Australian history. Julie Davis is the plaintiff who heads the class action lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson (J&J), in the third class action against the company in Australia in as many years. She like other women had [continue reading…]

Mesh Protest in California

Suffering in Silence No More: Lisa Pashenee Takes Her Vaginal Mesh Protest Public

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Lisa Elford-Pashenee was mad as heck and didn’t want to take it anymore. She was tired of unresolved questions about her vaginal mesh complications, about a succession of doctors who denied she had a problem, and about a California HMO that denied her a referral to a doctor who could help remove the mesh. [continue reading…]

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The Future of Mesh Sales is Rosy Says Market Research Group

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

April 24, 2012 ~ Even though the number of lawsuits against synthetic mesh manufacturers is growing by the day, surgical mesh products are expected to surge in sales in 2012, according to the Millennium Research Group (MRG). The group interviewed 181 U.S. surgeons (gynecologists, urologists and urogynecologists) in November and December of last year. [continue reading…]

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