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Mesh Warrior foundation for the injured

New York Times on Mesh Injuries and Texas Torts

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Texas has had an inquiry into mesh manufacturers, specifically Johnson & Johnson, for two years and nine other states have joined in.  The New York Times, in its Texas edition reports that Aaron Horton and her Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured is helping women to recognize their injuries and providing them with information [continue reading…]

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Tort Reform and You

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

April 16, 2013 ~ We generally don’t discuss politics on MDND because the community of medical device-injured patients is united by the common denominator of pain and a sense of injustice. Everything else is secondary. But I’d like to share some thoughts about the movements underway in the country as I just returned from [continue reading…]

New York Times Tower, Wiki Commons

How Safe Are Medical Devices?, New York Times, August 4, 2011

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

This Opinion Page Editorial in the New York Times reports the “substantial equivalent” standard of the 510(k) process doesn’t work because some devices reach back 35 years and were never assessed for safety or efficacy. The article, dated August 4, 2011 can be found here. (may require Log In and subscription) “The committee found [continue reading…]

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