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Law Firms Remaining in TVM Litigation

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Mesh Medical Device News Desk, April 18, 2017 ~ Many of the large Mass Tort law firms are no longer taking transvaginal mesh cases (TVM).  

While many law firms are pursuing the coated hernia mesh cases, fewer are remaining in transvaginal mesh litigation.

Litigated since  the early 2000’s, TVM has gone through many changes, from forming a mass tort and MDL in Charleston, WV to a few bellwether cases to test legal theories. Even fewer settlements have been offered.

To date, four cases that have gone through trial have settled after exhausting the  appeals process. See the MND story here.

Though the following list is not complete, it represents the law firms that remain in transvaginal mesh litigation.

Please let us know if your firm is continuing to take these cases.

Many are not but continue to work to settle the cases they have.



Many of the law firms that form the executive committees in the multidistrict litigation are moving away from transvaginal mesh litigation.

Some of the few left include:

Sheila Bossier
Bossier & Assoc.


Adam Slater, Feb. 2013

Adam Slater – Mazie Slater, Katz & Freeman, Roseland, NJ
Trying Coloplast, Ethicon, Boston Scientific, Bard, AMS


Sheila Bossier- Bossier & Associates, Jackson, Mississippi


Steve, Amber Mostyn

Steve & Amber Mostyn – Mostyn Law Firm, Houston, TX
Ethicon, Boston Scientific, Bard, Cook, Caldera


Aylstock,Witkin, Kreis, & Overholtz

Bryan Aylstock – Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz, Pensacola, FL


Joe Saunders – Saunders & Walker, Pinellas Park, FL
Taking AMS, Boston Scientific and C.R. Bard


Kline Specter – Philadelphia, PA

Aylstock is focusing on Ethicon; Mostyn on Boston Scientific, Bard, Ethicon, Cook and Caldera; Saunders is taking AMS, Boston Scientific and Bard cases.

Firms that are no longer taking TVM cases are Blasingame Burch Garrard Ashley;  Matthews & Associates, and Fleming, Nolen & Jez, among others.


  1. W says:

    I have Aylstock,Witkin, Kreis, & Overholtz, they don’t communicate well. I guess women have no real choice when calling 800 numbers for help. I don’t think this lawfirm actually goes to court, it is like a warehouse and it is holding clients til mass settlements, they will collect lots and lots because of good advertising. I guess someone has to do it but I think they should take a less % of money.

  2. HurtForLife says:

    What about Motley Rice?

    • Jane Akre says:

      This does not by any means represent a full list of litigators left in the mesh trials. I have put out queries to many firms and expect this list to grow.

    • Vaginas Broke says:

      I would like to know that also..all you hear from them when you all for updates is we are meeting with them regularly, hopefully it will end soon, it takes time, like 8 years is not enough time.

      • mia says:

        i agree i have been waiting 6 years, the last time i called they said they were meeting with them and that they hoped to have the claims finished by september, we will see!

    • babs says:

      yeah, what about motley rice?

      • Jane Akre says:

        I asked and have not received a reply. The firms that have cases are going to see them through… how vigorously, I don’t know.

  3. Sheree says:

    I have my case number. How may I find when my case will be heard? I have contacted attorney’s office but no response. If you can tell me which site to look at please

    • Jane Akre says:

      Your law firms owes you an answer! That is unacceptable. Tell them you will contact the Bar Association in your state. you don’t say where you case is filed?

  4. SHERRY says:

    What has happened to Caldera?
    As usual, I guess they get the Gold Mine and we get the Shaft !

  5. Broken says:

    Jane, I have odd question what is involved if one suspects legal malpractice? If your attorney committed this over and over again based on ethic regulations and documented proof? How is a complaint to state board handled if Atty was not in the state one lives? Is there a time limit And can this be done after a settlement based on the way they handled case? I.e., lost/misfiled paperwork, case number misfiled in diferent districts, misconduct, deformation of character, selling personal information to doctors etc? Prob not your area but worth try to ask direction. i was told I had Med malpractice, legal malpractice and product liability but told by Atty not to file Med mal as I would be dismissed from MDL after telling me they would help my file Med mal. As I read this stuff I find myself getting angry again without standard of care dismissed because of the word mesh and proof of malpractice but SOL an issue now. The doctors who cover up malpractice and ruin me as a patient with slander and put it in every record so it follows me everywhere. what options does a mesh victim have? The drs are not accountable for their actions. Many left in this situation. My story would be a book! tired of covering drs and lawyers. I threatened to call state bar in the state filed got faster results but unethical behavior. Every single dr that covered malpractice in my case committed some type of malpractice of their own. Failure to inform of serious conditions or things I never knew I had, altered records, lost records and test results, failure to release records the list goes on and because of my horrible Attys instructing me not to talk to anyone on top of all the mesh problems where do I turn? It is not a money issue it’s a wrong doing from everyone and ruined every part of me. This is the stuff no one hears because of fear speaking up.

    One more question not sure you can help but can you tell me exactly what a signed waiver of summons is and what does it do regarding mesh cases? My attorney was of no help. Thank you! Good luck this week.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Hi Broken-

      I’m not a lawyer as you know. Legal malpractice complaints can go to your state bar association. It is not necessary for your lawyer to live in your state to represent you in a mass tort… in fact, most do not reside in the same state. Medical malpractice, and you better be able to prove that, should go to the hospital, and the accrediting organization for his hospital, known as The Joint Commission. Hospitals don’t like it when their accreditation is questioned so if you can PROVE it, that may also be a place to start. You will need a good summary letter, not a manifesto, but a clear summary of your complaints. If he doesn’t belong to a hospital, and has destroyed documents I would call the entity that owns his practice. The medical board of your state is probably the last place I’d go since they will stand up for their own… Hope that helps

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