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Monthly Archives: November 2011

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Important Links, Resources, Support

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

THE READING ROOM This is a great place to get started if you are new to the issues and experiencing complications which you can’t explain following mesh implantation surgery. Mesh Medical Device News Desk (MND)

Vertebral Fractures, iStockphoto

More Media on Medical Devices, Money and Prison Time

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Three medical device executives are going to prison for the death of three patients who were subjected to an experimental bone cement they produced. Three former executives of West Chester, Pa-based Synthes, North American president Michael Huggins, 54, and former executive VP Thomas Higgins, 55, each received a nine month sentence in federal prison. [continue reading…]

Jane Akre

What Do You Want?

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

I’ve been working with a very smart 29-year old web person (who unfortunately has to try to teach this old dog new tricks), but she understands web content and conveying a presence and is amazingly clever in her delivery, in fact, I’m jealous of her youth and brains. So she says what do you [continue reading…]

Dorothy Hamill in Vioxx ad

Merck’s Blockbuster Vioxx Settlement

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

NOVEMBER 22, 2011-When a defective product has harmed so many people and cost so many lives, the settlement numbers are huge too. Now the U.S. Justice Department says it has settled its civil case with Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that aggressively marketed Vioxx (Rofecoxib) making it a blockbuster drug.

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X-Rated, Misbranded Medical Device Winner a Loser

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

This true story will help you enjoy your holiday. Not to have a laugh at someone else’s expense, but when they are so wrong, why not? In this case a Mr. Gary Winner (his real name), 49, from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, owned a company called Planned Eldercare which allegedly supplied durable medical equipment to [continue reading…]

Hal Samples and friends

Suffering in Silence: Hal Samples' Years of Pain Following Mesh Hernia Repair

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Dallas photographer and artist, Hal Samples’ name is synonymous with the trendy, downtown Dallas art district. His gallery was named Best Art Gallery in Dallas in 2009 and his photographs, film work, and documentaries have taken him around the world and provided an income most artists hope to achieve.

Suzanne McClain

Mesh-Injured Patient Reserches ProteGen Mesh Predicate

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Editors Note* – I first interviewed Suzanne McClain, 45,  in March 2009 and she became part of the series of reports for . She is not just a mesh-injured woman but  has spent hours digging into the FDA’s files to research the predicates for the devices currently on the market.

Jeff Shuren MD

Can the FDA Promote Innovation and Protect Patients?

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

Mesh News Desk, November 7, 2011 ~ CDRH Shuren Defending FDA Against Harsh Industry Critics Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), was on the hot seat 

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Want to Reclassify a Medical Device? The FDA is all Ears

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday, November 14, announced it will receive public comment on whether or not a medical device should be reclassified to require more or less regulatory oversight.

Jane Akre, Editor

To Whom Have You Reported Your 'Adverse Event' ?

By Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk |

I have a question – Assuming you’ve had a problem with synthetic surgical mesh, who have you reported your complications to?   The manufacturer, the FDA? 

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